Today's Menu

b: coffee
l: lean pocket
d: protein of some sort... probably chicken
snk: isopure protein shake

vitamins before bed. :)


Amber said...

I go through phases like that were absolutely nothing sounds good. Hopefully with time your brain will catch up with you and it'll all work itself out! Just remember you're doing this for you, so don't pay attention to what other people are telling you about too thin etc etc. You're smart and you know where you need to be and if you get too thin, you're smart enough to talk to your doctor and address the situation. Sounds like people aren't giving you credit for being able to deal with this. I mean you were brave enough to make this decision, you CAN make the righ decisions going forward!

Susy said...

Keep taking those vitamins Amber, that will keep you healthly and strong. Take care of you!