Can you believe it?

The kids are home....again! Another snow day!! And the snow isn't stopping... in fact we are supposed to get 5 more inches on top of the 6 we already have. BLAH! I doubt they'll have school tomorrow either. DJ texted me though and said to be ready when he gets home b/c we are all going sledding. LOL This should be fun. I haven't gone in years b/c I was too big. I plan on having a blast today! (And probably breaking my tail bone! lol) I'll be sure to take pics too!

The house is spotless and laundry is still caught up. Feels good.

Food is better than it has been in weeks.

TOM is here so the PMS is leaving. Thank God!

Right now I'm sipping on a protein shake and trying to convince Gabe that a sippy cup is just as good as a bottle. ;) It's not going well. The girls were so easy to get off the bottle. Gabe is another story. He just doesn't like the cup. He'll throw it down and cry for his "ba-ba". Im' trying hard to only let him have it at nap/bedtime but he's fighting sleep so he'll lay down and drink it but then get up and run around, and I'll have to give him another one a little while later. He ends up getting one all afternoon then. Ugh.

Well I better run. He's ripped all the movies out of the cupboard...again.

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