In check...

I watched some youtube vlogs today and really got convicted for the choices I've made lately. I'm guilty of going back to my old ways. I am guilty of disrespecting my body. I'm guilty of abusing my pouch. I'm guilty of abusing what was a blessing!!

I posted last night that I regretted my surgery. I don't!! It was a God given GIFT!! I need to own my feelings and stop copping out and making excuses for the abuse Im' putting my body through!!

My health is supposed to be my priority and instead I've been distracted by stupid junk!!

Smoking? UNHEALTHY!! ulcers, stink, cancer, death!!
Over eating? UNHEALTHY!! weight gain, stretched pouch, high blood pressure!
Bad food? UNHEALTHY! get the crap away from me!!!



Wake up Amber!

You are making changes. Don't go back. Be proud. Be happy. Be satisfied.

Own your feelings Amber!!!

Deal with your issues. Be healthy. Be the best mom, wife, person you can be!

OMG. This is it. This is what I've needed to hear.

Think about it.


Discipline and do the work.

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Dagny said...

It's a funny thing. When you do all the HEALTHY things YOU FEEL GREAT!! Mentally, physically...your body pays you back. When you eat crap, when you don't exercise, when you let your thinking become disordered...YOU FEEL AWFUL!!!!!

It should be an easy choice, right? Somehow, it's not! It's still a struggle! You have to keep on making those conscious decisions every single day. Like Jen says, BE PRESENT!

STRENGTH to you, lady!!!