I took my test last Sunday and feel pretty confident that I did a really good job. The advisor that did my exam told me I did an excellent job on the skills portion and I blew through the written exam without any problems as well. I'm still waiting on my offical scores to be posted, but I know I passed. I should start my training at the home I got hired at on Feb. 20. Once my scores are offically posted I'll knwo for sure.

It is so fulfilling to know I completed this. I walked out of there Sunday with a smile across my face and feeling great. I did it. :)

I have gone to college twice before and never finished. I have been paying off students for ten years and had nothing to show for it. Now I feel like I've made some headway.

In other news, Gabe went to the doctor and we found that he has double ear infections and an upper respitory infection. He got a shot in the behind and a script for Albuterol. He's acting like a crazy loon, all hyped on that stuff, but at least he's feeling better. Poor baby.

The plan today is laundry and not to eat like crazy. :)

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