UGH. Stupid scale. I'm such an oinker lately too. My appetite is back. Oh, how I can graze. I was 152 this a.m. That is back up 4 lbs from last week. I guess I'm going to actually have to do some work to get this last 20 lbs. off. I have about 2 months to go til my 1 year surgery anniversary and I'd really like to hit goal by then, but am I willing to do what it takes to get there? I hope so.
Today's food:
b: coffee and weight control oatmeal w/ butter 180 calories
l: lean pocket 300 caloires
d: chicken and veggies
lotsa water.

I need to stop eating at night. That seems to be my downfall lately.

It's so cold here today... school was delayed b/c of the bitter cold windchills. I don't want to leave the house. Hannah has bball practice and Gabe needs to go to the doctor though. He just isn't getting over the cold he has and I'm tired of hearing him hack and cleaning up his puke. He can't keep anything down hacking like that. :(
The last time I took him they said it would pass and just to let it run its course... well it isn't going away and we need drugs at this point.

I must go now. Gabe is covered in chocolate pudding from head to toe, as is his highchair and everything else in close proximity to his chair. LOL

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