I have a busy day planned. First, I've spent most of the morning cleaning the house. We are having a party tonight and I had to get everything ready. In the mist of it all, my sweeper belt broke, and I was down on my hands and knees cleaning up popcorn kernels that my lovely children had spread all over the carpet. Kids.
I'm heading out soon for a short shopping trip with a friend. She's on a mission to find some cute ripped up jeans, and I'll make a quick stop at Walmart for a few things too. Then the party.
It's a bunch of people DJ works with, coming over to hang out and play games. We have Rock Band, and it's fun! It should be a great night.
I didn't hop on the scale this a.m. It seems to be something that isn't a pressing issue anymore. I am below 150 lbs. and happy and am feeling pretty good about myself. The sagging belly skin is disturbing, but what can I do? I knew I would have it and it's here so... I've been doing some sit ups to see if I can tighten up the muscle underneath. We'll see.
Gabe is still hacking. Ugh.
Oh! Wish me luck! I have my STNA test in the a.m. I have to fit some study time in today. I'm really trying not to stress too much aout it though. I've heard it's easy. Let's just pray I pass!! :)

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