Cold outside, but warm in here!

I've spent the whole morning putting laundry away, sweeping and straightening up the house. I forgot how much I love being home and being able to keep the house tidy. When I was working, it was clean but lived in and there was a lot of things that got let go, just b/c there wasn't time for me to do it. In the last week I have cleaned and cleaned adn cleaned and it feels great. I am two loads away from having all the laundry done. That in itself is a wonderful feeling. Dinner is in the crockpot and all is well here. :)

We went to Crossroads church again last night. The kids really love their classes and I really enjoyed the teaching. He is doing a study on the Old Testament and I love stuff like that. We feel really comfortable there and the kids love their classes. It's a good place.

On the smoking front, I'm doing well. I've had a cig here and there but it's drastically cut down from where I was. I'm still chewing the gum and I know I'm making progress! :)

On the weight front...well... I can't expect to have all of life in order at once. Ha! It seems that with me, if one part is good another gets neglected. Why is that? I'm still bouncing between 148 and 152. I feel OK, but I really would like to finish this thing. I guess that is why they give you 18 months. I've still got 8 to lose 20 lbs. but I'd like to get it off sooner. Problem is, I haven't been motivated to do what it takes to get it off. Boo.

Today I've had coffee and protein bar so I'm on the right track. I'm avoiding those dang girl scout cookies! he he

I also have run up and down the steps a million times already today and I broke a sweat so I am moving! :)

Have a great day ya'll!

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Susy said...

Great job all the way around Amber! You look wonderful and the rest of the weight will come off for you. Just keep moving. Happy to hear you found a chruch your compfortable in.

Clean house and laundry done... Aww Great feeling...

Have a great day girl.