Hannah and I had a talk last night about diet and exercise. I'm really trying to approach this from a health angle instead of a weight angle. I think that may be the difference that my mom needed to see. I dunno.
We talked about logging our food intake together daily and exercising in the afternoons when she gets home from school. We also talked about packing her lunches and her eating breakfast at home instead of at school. I found out that she's been eating chocolate cereal adn peanut butter crackers for breakfast everyday. Seriously??? Chocolate cereal at school? What has happened? I remember when I was in school they at least attempted to make thing healthy. ANd there was a no pop allowed rule. Now she said they sell pop and candy bars as extras if anyone wants to buy them after school. What?? Ugh.
So we are focusing on making healthy choices at this point. I'm praying this is the key. There is no plan B at this point.

In other news, Gabe is starting to talk up a storm. He is recognizing things and repeating any words he hears. He is so adorable. Last night at Abby's game he wore me out though! He is a ball of energy and is constantly on the go. During the game he took off running down the middle of the court and I had to CHASE him. I was running. OMG. So humiliating! lol Of course, everyone thought it was cute and funny, but I was so embarassed! Boys are so different than girls!

On the way home, it hit me. I wanted to lose weight to be able to keep up w/ my kids.. Well thank God I lost the weight. I'd never have been able to chase him at 277 lbs. Now at 150 I took off after him like it was nothing, and though I was tired when I got home, I realized I ran the length of that court and wasn't out of breath one iota. Goal reached. :)

I am so looking forward to the fun we are going to have this summer. No more will I be embarassed to take them places. I will keep up with them and have a blast doing it.

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