Date Night!

Our date night was wonderful! :)
We went to a Japanese Hibatchi Bar. My mom had taken the girls, and DJ's brother was watchign Gabe at the house for us and we took off. First we stopped at the mall and I found a leather jacket (size Medium!) on sale. Down from $200 to $29.99!!!! It was unbelievable and a jacket I had had my eye for a while anyway. :) It looks great on me too. haha!
After that we ran to Walmart for a few things and then got in the car and tried to decide where to eat. I suggested Olive Garden, but we've been there a million times, as we had every other restaurant in that town. DJ remembered a friend of his had told him about this japanese place and so we decided to try it. It was so fun. ;)
We had a wonderful night and really connected again. It was amazing. I love that man so much. We made new memories and it felt amazing. :)
I feel so much better!

I am still smoke free and that feels good too!

Things are making a turn for the better.

I did get on the scale this a.m. and am 151 lbs. I think I may be at a set point and I see I am going to have to work to get this last 20 off. At the same time I feel great where I am. We'll see.

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