Oh my gawd.

I just got home from the doctor and I am a little annoyed. I went in to tell him to get me off this Effexor, like yesterday and that I think I have UTI. The UTI was easily diagnosed and I was given an antibiotic, no problem. I told him about the issues w/ the Effexor and he said that fine, I could switch. I told him I was starving all the time, dizzy, tired, confused and sedated. He shrugged and said yes those were side effects. Then I said, "I haven't lost a lb. in 6 weeks!" and he said, "Well, I'm surprised you haven't gained. Most woman I put on that drug will gain 20 lbs in that time frame."


Are you kidding me?? He knows I had RNY. I knows I want to lose weight. He knows I've already lost a ton. Why in the heck would he give me a drug that is going to make me gain??? And, not only that, but how can he be so lax about it??? Oh my gosh. I was in shock. 20 lbs?? In 6 weeks?? Holy crap. Yeah, before RNY that totally would've been me. Now I am thanking my lucky stars, that I didn't really gain but just sort of bounced around the same 5ish pounds.

I am equally thankful that I went in and he is taking me off this evil evil drug. Bah!

He now has me on Wellbutrin. I asked him about switching over and about the horrible withdraw symptoms I've read about, but he seems to be not too concerned about that either. I dunno. I really don't trust him now, and I wonder if it will be hell afterall trying to switch over. Guess I'll go see what I can find on Google.

I am so frustrated and feel like I've wasted the last 6 weeks. I know the honeymoon phase of this surgery isn't going to last forever and I'm pissed that I wasted 6 weeks of it!!

I could totally be so much closer to goal by now. Arg.


WifeMotherMe said...

Hi! Lurker here. Been reading awhile. I love your blog, I am always inspired by your journey. I am always silently cheering you own.

I never leave comments but I just had to after reading this. I know that comes off sounding cynical, I am sorry. Anyway on to what needs to be said: The lesson to be learned here is DO NOT TRUST any other person under the sun with your health and well being. Think about it for a second, if you did gain 100 lb. what is it to him? Is he going to lose sleep because you gained weight? Is he going to feel bad or give you another thought after you walk out of his office? Nope, hell if he killed you he is not going to give you much thought. I am not saying he is mean or evil but your just "work" to him, nothing more. At the end of his day he is not going to worry or stress out that you gained.

If he switches your meds, Google them BEFORE you take them. Don't trust him or anyone else ever. No one knows your body, your chemistry and your emotional state like you do. No one cares about you like you will care yourself (same advice for your children). You have to be your own avocat.

I know that comes off sounding cynical but really I am not by nature. But I did learn along time ago not to trust my best interest to doctors. Not mine and not my daughters. Not because they were not highly educated, sweet and caring....most I have met are, but where I use to naively believe my health was there job, I don't anymore.

We are blessed to have computers, Google and the ability to read. Wellbutirn also causes weight gain more often than not. Prozac not so much. There are a million drugs out there and a million and one web pages to read up on them. You might have to try a few before you find the one that works for you, you may find after a bit you don't need them at all, either way you have find our own knowledge on the subject. You have to be the one worrying over your own weight loss (Health), no one is going to do it for you.

WifeMotherMe said...

Mine is locked. Please email me at and I will send you the pass word. Thanks

Bobbie said...

Hey Amber, PLEASE FIND A NEW DR! you have worked so hard and been through a lot. It just makes sense to me that if you are seeing a Dr about depression issues and he knows that you have had weight issues he would be smart enough not to put you on a drug that would make you gain weight. Makes you wonder what kind of a kick back he is getting from the drug company. I do not for one second believe he had your best interest at heart if he did not tell you when he perscribed this medication to you that weight gain was a major side effect. I have heard great things about Wellbutrin hope it works for you. Bobbie

Susy said...

I did effexor for awhile and never gained any weight. I was not hungry while I took it. I have heard good things about Wellbutrin and did you know that is the drug they give you to quit smoking?????? Well it is... Good luck girl. Have a great weekend.