I haven't smoked a whole cig since last Monday and during that time I lit up twice, but put it out both times after 1 or 2 puffs. Yesterday and today I've had nothing so I'm good to go!

I still feel sick. I had a terrible migraine hit this a.m. Blah! The UTI feels better though and TOM has left the building, so by tomorrow I should be feeling much better. I have noticed some dizziness today on and off, but I think adding the Wellbutrin while stopping the Effexor is alieviating some of the withdraw symptoms. I sure hope so.

Food hasn't been great today. I had a shake, a latte, hot tea, 1/2 can of dt. dew, some teddy grahams, a laughing cow cheese wedge w/ 4 ritz crackers, a bite of boiled cabbage, a svg of cinnamon sunchips, a lean pocket, and a couple bites of cinnamon toast crunch cereal. Blah. Talk about grazing. I, of course, did not eat this all at once, it was just little trips to the kitchen here and there and before I knew it, within 3 hrs. it was down the hatch. This, my friends, is why grazing is BAD BAD BAD. I'm not even feeling hungry. Just bored and sick and looking for comfort. Old habits die hard. BUT, at least I am recognizing it and trying to stop it. The rest of day will be supper and no snacking.

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