Yesterday, I realized that my cell phone wouldn't call out, but people were still calling me. It seemed weird, so I called V to figure out what was going on. This was new service contract that we just got in January. I thought it was odd that we hadn't gotten a bill yet, but with everything else going on, I didn't really investigate it any further. Well, it turns out that our service is interupted for non payment. I found out that they sent our statement to our old address and it wasn't forwarded. They actually sent it to a place we lived 2 houses ago in 2005. Ugh. So at any rate, I was annoyed. Especially when our paperwork shows our new address as our billing address. Anyway, I got it straightened out and went on with my morning.
Around lunch time DJ called and said that he blew his tire out on the way to work, and didn't have a spare. Double ugh. I had to drive over in blizzard conditions and pick him up. Now, as if this wasn't stressful enough, it's more annoying b/c he just put $250 into his car last Friday and now it's undrivable again. 4 new tires will be a nice chunk of change. Ick.
On top of that our bills just keep pilling up and the money just isn't there. Especially since I'm not working yet. I'm still waiting on the place to call me, that I had my interview at last week. I called her twice yesterday to let her know my results on my tests and she still hasn't called me. Triple ugh.
All of this added to my nicotine withdrawl is not a pretty sight. I've held it together though so far. Trying to speak positive words and stopping any negative thoughts that enter my mind. I take a couple deep breaths and pop a piece of gum. :)
I've had a ton of coffee today, but I dont' want to replace cigs w/ more food, so it's a struggle but it's one that I will win.
We visited a new church Sunday and I actually loved it. Its a very contemporary church w/ an awesome children's program. They actually have their own coffee shop in the foyer and everyone wears jeans and is very friendly. In fact, DJ had dropped me and the kids off at the door while found a parking spot and as soon as we sat down at a table in the coffee area, and older man started talking to me. He said my kids were beautiful and that we looked like a very nice family. :) Flattery will get major points with me. Haha!
He talked about his grandkids and stuff and it really made me feel welcomed. There is nothing worse than walking into a new place and being totally ignored or feeling like the "new girl".
The kids went straight to their classes.... giant rooms w/ flat screen tv's and tons of activites and then DJ and I went into the sanctuary where they were already singing. The praise and worship was pretty good and then they did a skit that went along w/ the sermon. It was funny.... a married couple.... a husband thinking that getting mroe credit was the answer to their finanical problems and a wife w/ a shopping addiction. Ha! The senior pastor is doing a study on finanical freedom and even had a man from Crown Financial there to give tips on getting started on a spending plan. It was so relevant to what we need in our lives!!
I walked out of there encouraged and feeling like we could do something about our money and our lives. THAT is the way church should make you feel. IMO.
I am not going to get involved as far as ministry there, but I do want to take a couple classes they are offering. It is just such a neat place!
Anyway... even though bad stuff still happens, over all things are looking up for us!

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