So... as far as weight goes... I am 146 lbs today. 136 would put me at a healthy weight for my height. It would be on the high end, but I never went into this wanting to be skin and bones or 100 lbs.
Last night, DJ told me how beautiful I am, and how good I look, but also commented that I am boney and that I'm losing my butt. LOL I am going to change my goal to 136 for now. Especially since I've not had plastics and I know I have at least 10 lbs. of skin that could be removed, meaning that right now I'm more like 136 of actual weight. So.. if I weigh 136 that would probably be 126 for anyone else w/o the skin and that is perfect in my mind. I'm sure I will dip lower anyway before hitting a stable point since I am only 11 months out. I dont' want to be a boney little thing for my husband who wants some junk in the truck! haha!!
I will say though..sit ups are in my future!!

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