Good afternoon...

Well this is attempt two at this post since Gabe hopped up here and deleted the first one somehow. Boo.

We are potty training... Right now we have a nakey butt running around the house, but actually making decent progress.
Pee on the potty: 1
Pee on mommy's floor: 1/2 (as we were running toward toliet)
Pee in tiny potty chair: 0
Pee in pullup: 1

This is my third child so I know this is only the beginning and we have a long road ahead of us. He is only 19 months old, which is young IMO, BUT he a few weeks ago he started saying "Poop" and pointing when he had gone. Last week, he started saying "Pee Pee", then would rip his diaper off and pee wherever he was standing. I figured if he could do those two things, we might as well give it a shot.

What else do we have to do during the Blizzard of 08 anyway??

We did take a short trip out earlier. We ate some salad and pizza, and then stopped and bought potty training supplies. DJ is at work now, and since my Expedition is better in the snow, than his little Honda Civic, I'm basically stuck here b/c he of course, took my 4 wheel drive.

I've done ok eatingwise today. You know, it's funny. You go for days, feeling like a bottomless pit, then bam, out of no where, restriction. I won't try to figure it out, and I surely won't complain about it, but it feels awesome to not feel hungry again. I fear if I dont' get below 150 AND STAY THERE, I may crack! ;)

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