The heavens opened...

and dropped about 14 inches of snow on us... so far... it's still coming down. Blah! We may not get out of this house again until May! LOL

I have been in hibernation it feels like, eat, sleep, repeat! ;)

My good news?

I got the job I wanted! Woot! It is a PRN position and pays $5 more per hour than what the nursing home in my hometowns pays for the same position!! I am so excited. I call Monday to set up my drug test and physical time and then will have orientation soon after! :) Yay!

DJ is working a ton this week too and so we are going to finally have a huge boost in our financies. I'm excited. We have a plan to pay all of our bills off, get our savings built back up (eventually to 3 months of expenses) and eventually buy a house. All of our goals are finally seeming to be attainable! It's exciting.

We are also taking the kids for night at Kalahari over Easter weekend.

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