A light at the end of the tunnel...

My moments of feeling headachy and having dizzy spells are lessening and I am so glad. I've felt pretty good for most of the day today. I've still taken it easy but I think I am making some progress finally in this medicine withdrawl deal. Thank God.

The kids were home from school again today b/c of a huge ice storm that moved in during the night last night. I'm sure they'll head back tomorrow though. I also have my interview tomorrow afternoon. DJ is on super overtime this week and during the weekend so I am hoping I keep feeling better and better everyday so that I will be ok with the kids here alone.

Eating today hasn't been wonderful. I'm probably going to end up around 1500 calories b/c of a small problem staying out of the Cheezits today. Luckily they are gone and aren't there to tempt me anymore. I did however on the other hand, manage to get in about 60 oz of fluids so far and still have 4 hrs before bed to drink more so that is a plus. :)

Not much else going on besides the usual. I did get into a heated arguement today w/ one my closet friends b/c she decided that I wasnt' giving enough to the relationship and that I've changed too much adn that she doesn't know me anymore... After an hour and thirty minute conversation we finally worked things out, but it wasnt' pretty. I stood my ground though and let her know that I wasn't letting ppl walk on me anymore and if they didn't like who I am now, then tough.

I hate that it has to come to that point with some people, but honestly, there are some who just are not happy with the changes. They liked me being weak and easily swayed. I would say or do anything to make peace even if that meant selling myself out. That has ended and some of my friends don't like it. Guess they have to deal or find a new friend. Right?


OH! American Idol last night!! David Cook... Omg... AWESOME!!! I LOVED it. I didn't care for that guy one bit before last night, but when I watched that performance I was in tears. It was probably one of the best performances I've seen on American Idol EVER. My other favorite performances are.... Kelly Clarkson singing, "A Moment Like This", Fantasia singing, "Summertime", Jennifer Hudson, "I Have Nothing", Blake Lewis, "You Give Love A Bad Name", and now add this one... David Cook, "Hello".

:) Just my opinions.

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Amber said...

Seriously, we share the same name and now the same addiction! Cheezeits! I hate having them in my house! LOL. Nice to see someone else loves them! Yes David Cook was good. I like the Australian guy too! Fixing to watch the girls now! :)