On track

Everything is great today. I scheduled my 1 year post op appointment for April 17th and talk about getting a kick in the pants...The surgeon doesn't count my pre op weight gain (yes I said gain) in my totals. His start weight for me is 258. This a.m. I weighed 152... which puts me 106 lbs. lost... I really know I've lost 125 lbs. as of today. That sucks. That is what I get for endulging in 19 lbs. of last suppers between my pre op testing day and surgery day. Stupid. That's right folks, I gained 19 lbs. from March 22, 07 to April 16, 07. So stupid. Anyway... the point is... I want to be as close to goal when I go to the doctor as I can be. I know in there eyes I'm still a success but I dunno... I'm weird like that.

Plus I talked to my surgery buddy today and she is 2 lbs. below goal. I'm so happy for her!!

I've been very good today... lotsa protein, fluid and no snacking. :)

The countdown is on!

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