Ahhhh Chhhoooo!!!

Ugh. Sorry. That's me there. I'm full of congestion and snotting all over the place. Gag....

I'll be so glad when SUMMER gets here!!!

Today I woke up and found (after I dragged the girls out of bed) that we were on, yet another, two hour delay, which means no school for Abby at all. She goes to morning kindergarten and when there is a 2 hr delay there really is no sense in them going at all. Today was supposed to be a make up day for pictures that were snowed out in February. After spending time last night ironing and picking out clothes and fighting over the fact that Abby wanted to wear a skirt but Mommy wanted her to wear some cute kahki pants and deciding on a hair style... all was for nothing when the news came of the dreaded delay. Hannah went ahead and went to school dressed for pictures but who knows if they will even have them. I'm not getting my hopes up at this point.

After getting everyone settled I headed out for my drug screen and physical for my new jay oh bee. I was shocked at how fast I was in and out of there. So fast, in fact, that I was still filling out patient history paperwork, long after my entire exam was over.

It was all pretty cut and dry. I went in, got weighed (155 lbs in clothes, shoes and w/ a full bladder... I'll take it!), and then was measured (5 ft. 2 inches, YAY!), then did a quick eye exam, blood pressure (100/62... the (male) nurse commented that if his bp was that low he'd be passed out somewhere...which was sort of funny (not) since I was just thinking, dang I'm dizzy!), pulse, respirations, etc. Pretty cut and dry exam. Then I went for the drug test, which I of course, made a fool out of myself during.

It's obviously that I've been a stay at home mom for years and this is only the 2nd drug test I've ever taken. The first, being at a factory job I had when Hannah was first born. During that drug screen I peed in a cup and was on my way. No biggie.

This one was different. I felt like a criminal or something. It was odd. First of all, I went into a bathroom stall that had a toilet (that I found had been fixed to not flush) and one sink. Otherwise it was completely bare. No towels, no soap, nothing. Seriously! No soap!! ??? I dont get it. The lady made me leave my purse, coat, etc outside with her and go in alone, with the instructions to fill the cup halfway.

Immediately, my bladder that was full 30 seconds prior, suddenly felt empty. I finally was able to squeeze out the right amount, spilling some on my hand, which I couldn't wash off b/c I wasnt allowed to have soap. Gag.

I get my pants put back in place, and go to open the door to give the lady the "specimen" and suddenly my OCD nature takes over. I'm going to have to open the door w/o using a paper towel shield. It was worse too, knowing that no one that had gone in that bathroom had been able to use soap to wash their hands. I felt like I would throw up. Oh my gawd. Gross.

Toilet paper was the next best thing so I grabbed some, hurried and gave her the pee and asked if I could please wash my hands now. She said, No.

Are you freaking kidding me. Talk about anxiety. Seriously. Gross!

She said I had to watch her seal it and sign for it. So I had to sign her dumb papers and my vials THEN finally I was allowed to wash and go.

That was the most disgusting thing ever. Shudders.

Thank God I wasn't in there long b/c I honestly felt sick when I was leaving. Something about other people's filth makes me ill.

And you might be wondering how I'm going to be a nurse aide if I get this grossed out over this bathroom situation... but here's the difference. When I'm dealing with a patient I am the one in control of the cleanlines of it all. I am the one w/ the disinfectant, gloves, etc. I can set standards that I'm comfortable with and I won't have to come into contact with things like this where I feel out of control.

Anyway... ok so this blog turned all whiney and everything... sorry!

At any rate, I've got all the things done that I need to for my job now. I stopped off on the way home and got my TB test done too and it will be checked at my orientation on Thursday at 11 a.m. I'll be able to pick up hours this weekend! :)

I'm so excited!

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Shell said...

Ya know...we get randomly tested a few times a year where I work and the place they make us go is like that...I always feel like I need to go home, shower, and put on clean clothes when I leave there....SO....NASTY!