Today was weigh in

Morning morning weigh in had me at 153. I'm wasn't surprised. Well actually I did expect it to be higher. At any rate today has been a much better day. I woke up and got straight on the treadmill...even before I had coffee and hammered out my 2 miles in about 30 mins. Of course, that isn't wonderful, but it's a start and for my short little legs, it's a good workout. I even ran for about 3 mins of it non stop and then jogged a bit here and there throughout the rest. I felt 1000 times better after I did that.
I came downstairs and DJ had brought me a sf nf irish cream latte and I sipped on that w/ a strawberry protein shake. It feels good to be in the drivers seat again.
I had planned on doing all liquids, but DJ insisted on going to Chinese for lunch. I told myself, I could go, but only if I was good and stuck to proteins and nothing fried. I did great. :)
After lunch, I went tanning and then came home and cleaned up the house a bit. Now everyone is napping, except me obviously. I dont feel tired at all. :) I love how exercise makes me feel. Just overall, amazing. (Ahh.. Remember that Amber!!)
DJ is working 2nd shift this week, covering for a guy on vacation so dinner should be easy. I can throw something together for the kids and something WLS friendly for me. I think I'll make wheat pasta w/ lean beef spaghetti for dinner. That way if I decide I want to eat a meal, I can have some of that or I can just have a protein shake if I dont feel hungry.
I was thinking about how obsessed I've become w/ food lately and how in the long run, I do think that hurts me. I wasn't like that at all during the biggest part of my weight loss. I followed the rules. No eating and drinking at the same time, protein first, etc.... That is what I need to get back to and I'm doing pretty darn good today. And exercise. It's key. As much as I wish I could do this without it... haha I KNOW that I must.
I'm almost 11 months out... Only 7 months left of the "honeymoon"... what a waste it would be for me to let snacking ruin this oppurtunity for me now. I'm determined to not let it.
I am in control.

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