The Plague...

So the horrible headache, body aches, and overall sick feeling I had Friday and Saturday may not have medicine withdrawl afterall! It is some sort of weird flu. DJ has it now. The headache, the dizziness, the icky feeling... all of it. And Hannah woke up this morning, complaining that her head is "pounding"... Here we go again. One plus, is that I feel totally better now and yesterday I felt better as the day went on... It seems to be a 24-48 hr. thing. Whatever it is. Blah! I'm just happy there is no puke involved this time!

The scale was kind to me this morning. 150.4. Yay! We are going in the right direction again friends!

I put a lot of effort into getting in all of my vitamins and meds this weekend and plan to keep that going. I also plan on buckling down on my plan today too. I plan on re-reading those 8 points in my last post. They really hit home w/ me and I plan on putting them into action in my life. I will drink 64 oz of water today, plus my other beverages and I will not snack or eat junk carbs.

Here's the plan:
b: coffee, weight control oatmeal
l: turkey, cheese and mustard--1 harb boiled egg--a few bites of fruit
d: chicken and zucchini thing :)

I will post totals at the end of the day!

The treadmill is calling my name too. I plan on doing at least 15 mins and will work towards getting back up to my 2 miles that I was doing when I first had surgery.

It's a new day! :)

Good luck everyone!

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Shell said...

That nasty flu or whatever made it's way around our house last week, thankfully, it is in and out pretty quick!!