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While reading another sassy sisters blog I found this and want to share.

From the book: Judith Beck, The Beck Diet Solution.

1) Confusing hunger with the desire to eat. Solution: learn the difference between true physical hunger and cravings that are triggered by the sight, smell or thought of food.

2) Have a low tolerance for hunger and cravings. Solution: learn that the desire to eat is not an emergency and does not have to be immediately satisfied.

3) Enjoying the feeling of being very full. Solution: learn to change your mindset so that you feel good about being reasonably full at the end of a meal.

4) Fooling yourself about how much you are eating. Solution: learn to respond to the voice in your head that tells you that crumbs on the cake plate, eating over the sink, eating on vacation, etc. really doesn't count and the voice that says 'since I strayed from my diet, I may as well blow the whole day and go get a pizza.'

5) Comforting yourself with food. Solution: learn to calm yourself in other ways; distraction, relaxation, try to solve the problems associated with the negative emotions in the first place.

6) Feeling helpless and hopeless with you gain weight. Solution: learn that you don't have to make yourself feel demoralized when you go off your plan and learn how to quickly recommit to your diet.

7) Focusing on issues of 'unfairness" (that others can eat lots of food and not seem to have a weight problem). Solution: Realize that thin people who don't have to work at staying thin generally have small appetities, don't eat unless they are hungry and get sufficient exercise. They rest of them are incredibly careful about what they eat. Learn to accept the new ways of eating you have to impose on yourself to reap the rewards of losing weight.

8) Stopping dieting once weight is lost. Solution: This just leads to yo-yo weight gain if you go back to the eating patterns you had before. Lifetime skills to maintain weight loss are planning what you eat, choosing healthy foods, resisting cravings, soothing yourself without turning to food, using good eating habits, exercising and countering sabotaging thoughts that would otherwise lead to overeating, demoralization and giving up.

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Sassafrass said...

thank you for this. Number 2 really resonated with me.