Had a blast

We really had a good time this weekend, and I discovered more about me and I came home wanting to be better mom and wife and woman! I am refreshed and renewed and I'm glad.
There was a lot of talk about layers, and protection and abandonment and all those little issues I (and I'm seeing every woman)deal(s) with!!
When I turned 29 this year, I was sad. ( the blog... that day sucked!) But even now, only about a month later, I am seeing that life is only getting better and better!! Beyond the physical changes, I am mentally, emotionally and spiritually evolving into a new, smarter, healthier, wonderful woman. I learned some very hard lessons in my 20's and I know I will learn many more in the years to come, but as I approach 30 I see that I have learned lessons, not just endured them, and I am changing and becoming a person that I want to be. A person that I am proud of. A person that I am happy to see in the mirror and happy to be.
I am realizing that perfection isn't the goal here. I am learning how to forgive! I am learning to let go. I am learning to peel away layers and be vulnerable and open that it's OK! That is helps others. That I have a wonderful life and a beautiful family and a bright future.
I can make mistakes. I can! It's ok!! I can get a do-over! :)
Do you know why all of this possible??
One word.


And thank God for it.


Kim said...

The conference is amazing, isn't it? There are times where I have been convinced that somebody tipped off one of the speakers and that! Scary!
Glad you had such a great time!

Susy said...

You have been tagged my Susy.

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