Shopping is fun!

I spent a ton of money today but it felt great! I have never loved shopping so much in my life! And I look good! LOL LOL
Trying not to brag here, but let me explain...
For years, shopping was a chore... I refused to look like a big blimp pre-op, and so shopping literally took FOREVER. I would go from store to store until I finally would find something cute/or that fit, and then I would buy it in two colors at least. I would usually spend half the day crying about how terrible everything looked, and the other half rummaging through rack after rack of over priced clothing that only came in styles my grandmother would love. In fact, we might have had a few of the same shirts. At any rate, looking good, took hard work... and hours of painful shopping, and it was never fun, and I always felt terrible after.
No more.
Today, I found cute things in every store I entered. The problem isn't finding clothes, it's chosing between all of what each store has to offer! It's so fun!
I bought 6's and 8's and smalls. OMG. Honestly, I have never been that size in my adult life. Ever. I <3 my RNY! :) haha!

On the sickness front. I feel good. No more pain and all of my tests came back normal. I am still scheduled for a endoscopy on May 8, but I think I'm fine and just had a bout of bad gas! lol


Through Thick and Thin said...

I heart shopping too! glad you are feeling better and everyting came back normal

AJ said...

I am glad to hear you are feeling better!

I am envious of your shopping! I can't wait!

Meghan said...

Amber, that is so stinking cool! I can't WAIT to have that experience (although maybe my bank account doesn't mind waiting)!!

Susy said...

Shopping is great huh! I went to LA and shopped my ass off this week too. Size 6 and smalls shirts here too. Oh what a feeling. Congrats Amber! And I am happy your feel A OK!