Women of Faith

I am going to Women of Faith this weekend w/ my bff Ashley! :) Yay! Today is a busy day though before I even leave. First, I'm trying desperately to get this laundry caught up! Then Allison is bring Miley and Timmy over for me to watch whle she has some sort of procedure at the hospital. Without realizing that I would have them, I made plans w/ a friend, Jamie, to have a playdate at McDonalds today... (An excuse for us to hang out! lol) Thankfully there's a playland and Timmy can just play w/ our kids. Hopefully Miley won't cry the whole time! ;) I love my little neice, but she is a cry baby ! :( I hate it for her!
After lunch, it's back home to pack, get the kids set for the night and for tomorrow. Then I'm off to pick up my check, stop at the bank then meet Ashley to get on the road by 4:30. The first part starts tonight at 7!
Another day I'm thankful for my RNY b/c I will the energy to do this plus more! :)
Saturday is the main part of the conference, then Sunday and Monday I work! Busy busy! :)


Through Thick and Thin said...

I've tagged you for Five on Friday!!

Kim said...

I love WOF and go every year. It's like a spiritual recharging for me. Mine is in July and I'm already looking forward to it!

I tagged you for a Friday Meme!

Meghan said...

Women of Faith conferences are ALWAYS awesome. Have a great time!!