This Can't Be Good...

I have violently "thrown up" both last night and the night before. Of course, I was going through the motions, nothing was coming up... which hurt even worse. Now, let me say first and foremost, that this happened after I ate a piece of greasy pizza (I know better)... and the second night was a leftover piece of the same pizza. I know.
Anyway, it was the most painful puking experience EVER, and for hours after my pouch just sort of had spasms or something.
Even before episode though, I've noticed my pouch is being very picky lately. Everything I eat seems to make me nauseated...which isn't fun when you are really hungry but fear eating for feeling worse after. Ugh. I thought I was past all of this.

I am 2 days away from my 1 year anniversary. *Yippee*


Anonymous said...

Sorry aobut yourthrowing up experience! I am three years out and I still do that. In fact, I had to go to the ER for a food blockage last Monday. I don't think we are ever past the risk of getting food stuck, or having picky pouches.

Mary in TN

Amber said...

My pouch is very picky lately!! I hope you are feeling better from your issues!!