Yummy Vanilla, Caramel, Peanut Butter Coffee Protein Shake

Whew... long title, eh?

So I really don't post recipes very often at but I'm focusing on getting more protein and less carbs (ahem, cough cough) into my diet... so... I'm trying to get more protein shakes in daily too.

So.. here goes...

1 scoop vanilla protein powder
lotsa ice
1 c water
2 pk. splenda
4 pumps of peanut butter divincis
4 pumps of caramel divincis
8 oz. cold coffee (well mine was hot til I mixed a ton of ice in it. :D )
Throw in blender and mix.
Now I can't stand that frothy stuff so I sort strained it off and poured in my plastic drinking bottle thingy and it gave me about 24 oz. of liquid.

Hope ya'll try it. It's yummy! Next time I'm gonna try chocolate protein powder w/ the peanut butter davincis. The vanilla taste is kinda strong in this one, but still good!


Kriss said...

Amber, what kind of protein powder do you buy?? Is it a soy product?

Amber said...

As far as powder protein I have have bought Isopure, and then cheaper versions from Walmart. Not the best stuff and isn't the yummiest, but it works, and I don't use it much. I actually drink a lot of the premade shakes instead. :)