AJ said...
Ok, my question is how much did you weigh when youstarted how tall are you and how bad, if at all, is your skin sagging and where?

I was 277 in the beginning.
I am 5 ft. 2 inches tall.
I have some gross saggy belly skin. Maybe I'll show ya'll sometime..

Maybe not. :) lol

Kristi said...
How was the first few months for you? Did your hormones affect you a lot?

If you read the beginning of my blog it shows what a horrible time I had emotionally. Honestly the pain of the surgery was nothing at all, compared to what I went through mentally. It was odd. I had myself convinced I was going to die and that I had done a horrible thing to a perfectly healthy (besides MO and sleep apnea) body... It was an odd thing.
Now I think I had an adverse reaction to the anesthetic that was used. I read about how it can alter people's emotions and something certainly did mine. It was weird too b/c I had researched so much pre op and knew exactly what I was doing, but when I did it and woke up, I felt like I had a made a mistake or "ruined" my body.
Of course, now I am thankful I did it and don't regret it at all.
My hormones do effect me a lot. In fact, right now I am PMSing so bad, I could break something (or someone... *snort* LOL) I have to be careful b/c I am an emotional person and will make decisions based on feeling.
During the last year I have had several, raw emotional moments that were real true issues that had to be dealt with. Other times, my hormones were out of whack and I was tlaking crazy. LOL
I will admit it!
Honestly, I think during this journey, you are going to have ups and downs and as a woman hormones are going to effect it, so if you are aware and can prepare for it, then that will help you!

Anonymous said...
I feel like such a weakling for every letting myself get so fat that I need WLS. Did you feel like this too? People tell me to just stop eating.

I felt this way in the beginning. I was very depressed and disappointed in myself for gaining what I had. Especially considering that in 2005, I weighed 180 lbs. after losing 60 lbs. on Atkins. I felt like I was copping out at first by having WLS. I felt like maybe if I tried harder I could lose the weight and keep it off.
I had seen a surgeon in 2004 when I first considered WLS. I was 240 lbs. at the time and he told me that if I didn't have surgery I'd just keep gaining. That I would be 300+ lbs. After losing and gaining over and over... and each time getting bigger and bigger I knew he was right. So, by 2006 I was ready to just do it.
It's more than just eating less. There are ISSUES that have to be dealt with if you are going to beat this.
RNY isn't a magic fix but it gave me time to deal with why I overate and why I could lose weight but not keep it off. It gave me a chance to be successful. It surely isn't the easy way out. It's more than just "eating less". If we could just eat less then we wouldn't be MO in the first place!!
I finally realized that I was making the best decision for ME and I was saving MY life and that I would be successful.
Don't let yourself feel badly anymore. You are making steps in the right direction to be a better, healthier person!! The past is the past and now you are making your future!

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