Is it any wonder...

young girls in America think they are fat?

When I was in 2nd grade I remember deciding that I was chubby. I always had a round face and a round tummy...but fat? No! It didn't help that I had a mother and a grandmother who were constantly breathing down my neck about what I ate b/c I "wasn't fat yet, but I needed to be aware"....Please.
Their constant watching, comments and own issues w/ food made me feel less than. I was already feeling bloated and their "helpful" comments certainly were anything but.
In 4th grade I remember my favorite pair of jeans. A stonewash finish w/ zippers up the legs in the back and a denim bow that landed mid calf on both sides. They were a size womens. I was chubby.
I was a 4th grader, asked to be in the High School production of Annie that year. It required late night practices 3 nights a week and during that time I lost 10 lbs. I remember it being the biggest deal and everyone was so proud of me for "slimming down". Hello? I was 10!
Of course, as soon as the play was over, it was back to eat regularly for me and of course the pounds came back. I still remember my 4th grade school picture being one of my mother's favorites b/c I looked so "slim".
And so the bad body image and dieting begin. Up and down on the scale. I hated my body and the hatred only grew with time.

And now I see things on TV like America's Next Top Model and where a girl who is a size 10 is considered "plus sized". Are you kidding me?

No wonder my 6 year old says things like, "I won't have another cookie Mom, b/c I don't want to be fat." And I look at Hannah and see me. It scares me.

Part of my mom's problem was that, though she was not overweight, she had issues w/ food, and the only reason she was slim was b/c she was obsessed w/ diet and starved herself thin. Now as an adult I know she struggled/s w/ binge eating and restriction and she is not healthy when it comes to eating and her relationship w/ food. She pushed that off on me. She taught me her issues. Because she felt, "not good enough"... I felt "not good enough".

Here I am the mother of two girls. Girls who are beautiful and strong and independant and I want to preserve that. I don't want them to be beat down by the worlds standards of beauty. I can't stand by and watch them hate their bodies like I have hated mine, my entire life.

I feel like I am fighting a losing battle though. I have issues. I still hate my body some days. And the media, magazines, movies, aren't helping. I looked at some blogs and message boards for ANTM and about Whitney winning the contest and I was appauld at some of the responses. There are people calling her horrible names and saying she doesn't deserve to win....

It breaks my heart. The average woman is not a size 2! While the fashion industry and the media present these woman as normal, it is our preteen and teenage daughters that suffer. We know a size 2 isn't the norm, but do my daughters??

Is it any wonder these girls are so hard on themselves? All I can do is teach my own girls that they are beautiful no matter what and to love their bodies and treat them w/ respect. Feed them good, healthy food and plenty of water. Get rest and exercise and be HEALTHY! That is all I can do.

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Susy said...

that was a good blog Amber.

Self worth is one of the keys to be "healthy". from past family mistakes you will chance your girl's outlook on what "really" being healthy means. it's not about being skinny, it's about loving who you are. share those storys of your childhood with your two girls and they will take something from what you have learned and your storys and actions. You see it as well as feel it and that's half of us staying healthy in our future...being honest with yoursself!

u got it!