I came thru surgery fine... 1 plate and 11 the splint til Oct.15, then a clamp brace for a while above my elbow where the break was. Sigh.


Anonymous said...

Looks very painful!! Hoping for a fast recovery for you.


Susy said...

oh my goodness OUCH missing ya!

Anonymous said...

Oh Amber, OUCHIE!!

THat looks soooo painful! I do hope by now you are feeling better. Please by all means take it easy, and get lots of PROTEIN and VITAMINS and CALCIUM!

Much love,
Mary in TN

Danyele said...

Oh honey, you poor thing! I'm at home recovering from surgery too. Wish we were close by so that we could hang out and share pain meds..LOL Take care Ambie.. I'm sending you loving, healing thoughts!

Tammy said...

I hope you get feeling better soon! Be sure to take care of yourself and get lots of rest! Can't wait until you are better and making videos again.