Why is it that it seems like I eat so much more when I'm blogging/tracking it all?? It seems like my mind focuses on food and I wanna just eat constantly. Am I crazy? I don't graze (or maybeI don't notice it) when I'm not tracking. I'm pretty certain I don't do it b/c food isn't the first priority on my mind. Hmm....
The last two days of tracking though have made me crazy and depressed and whale-ish feeling. WTH is up w/ that?? So what is the answer??
I do not want to be one of those 3 year post ops who have gained back 50 lbs...but I can't focus on food like this or I become obsessed and eating like a nervous baboon who has nothing else to do but make a gazillion trips to the fridge a day. Oy.
Surely, I can't be the only post op loon. Right?
Maybe I shouldn't enter it during the day, keeping a running total...Perhaps, if I just entered it all at night for a final "before bed" total??? I don't know.
I could maybe start with just being happy about where I am now and realize that 144 lbs is perfectly good weight for me.


Danyele said...

I vote for the last answer.

Name: Lynise said...

Hi Amber,

It feels like I have been lurking around your blog (and youtube posts) ages but know I've never said hi.

I don't read that many blogs but do have my fav's and the regulars who I read because they are real. They post the ups and the downs, not just all the 'everything is great' stuff. I am on a journey to lose a LOT of weight and love it that we have the technology where we can tune in and find support and encouragement from others who struggle with weight as well.

My starting weight was a fraction under three hundred pounds (although we work in kilo's here in New Zealand) so have follow your progress as you have lost and am so excited to be losing weight and look forward to the day when my hard work has paid off and I reach my goal.

Your posts remind me that losing is just part of the battle, and it doesn't stop there. (unfortunately). This journey continues even when the weight is gone.

Anyway I'm rambling, just wanted to say hi, love reading and catching your videos.

Take care


Meghan said...

There are so many types of food journals... you could do one in an actual notebook where you write down what you eat, but don't record calories and all that. I cannot STAND food journaling for this very reason. It makes me insane!!