Picture Blogging....a Bust!

I may try again today...Yesterday was a not normal eating day b/c I was out shopping. Maybe I'll try again today. It was also brought to my attention that the daily plate totals may not be right...I dunno. I'll try again today and see what I come up with.

This morning I've had coffee and 2 small brownie bites. I hate you chocolate on my counter when I first wake up. DJ bakes these ooey gooey brownie bites and then leaves them on the counter. Ugh. So hard to resist. I ate two and vow to stay out of them for the rest of the day. I just made some bacon so I'm having 2 pieces of bacon too.

B: coffee, 2 brownie bites, 2 pc. bacon (the breakfast of champions :) )
L: Chicken Breast w/ a dab of Ranch
S: 1 oz cheese, 3 pepperoni, 4 oz. light fit yogurt, 9 ritz bitz peanut butter crackers
D:3 bittes of spaghetti and 4 bites of a baked potato--- I threw this up about 10 mins. later.
Later: 1 pc. peanut butter toast and 2 darn brownie bites. grrr....

The kids are home on a 2 hr. delay and driving me batty. I'm going to the doctor at 11 for these dang headaches. I'm alittle annoyed though b/c I have to see a new old doctor who I loved ran off and joined the army... wth?? I have no idea. Anyway...I hope she's a cool doctor. It's annoying though to have to start over w/ all my medical history again. Blah.

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Amber said...

Good luck with the food/pic blogging. I start with the list then get side tracked. It's just hard to make sure you log on and write everything down everyday! Anyways, it's just always reassuring to see that other people struggle still with eating. I'm 2 years post-op and my eating has changed, but it's still not "healthy"! Keep up the good work though, you look amazing and sound like you're doing better! Weren't you doing nursing or something? What happened with that?