Out with the old...

These kids have too much stuff. Too many clothes, too many toys...just overall too much stuff. It's everywhere. I try to organize but it ends up just piles of toys, books, games, etc. everywhere. There is a small room downstairs. It's really too small to be bedroom, but probably the perfect size to be a "home office space"... There are built in cabinets and a closet. I had it set up as a home office when I worked from home, but since then the computer has been moved out into the diningroom (mostly since the girls use it now and I want to be able to see what they are doing) and the room has become a playroom of sorts. Only, there are so many toys in there, no one can play. There's no room left.
My goal? Move all the toys from that room to the kids bedrooms. This will be a huge task though b/c I need to clean all the old toys and stuff out of their bedrooms in order to make room for this stuff. Their rooms are pretty clean so it shouldn't be hard, but it's just one of those things that is a pain to do. 20,000 trips upstairs....I am not looking forward to this task at all... which is probably why I'm sitting here drinking coffee and blogging instead of getting to work.
I think it also makes me feel a little guilty. I mean here we have ROOMS FULL of toys, games, movies, etc. and we are going out and buying more!? I have bags of more stuff in the basement hidden for Christmas. They will open a gazillion things that day and probably play with somethings one time before moving on to something else and really what about all we have now? Some of these toys I will uncover today they haven't seen or touched for months...and we are buying more?
But really...what's the options? No Christmas? Ack. Sorry kids, you have too much?? Nah, they don't understand that.
So I will clean all this stuff out and they will get a ton more in a few weeks, and that's that I guess.


Amber said...

So nice to read someone else has my feelings. My kids have way too many toys, but the thing is they go through phases where they play with them, so in turn, the eventually do play with everything they have. But like you said, what do you do, not get them toys for Christmas, could you imagine their little faces?!? Glad to see you blogging again! I check in on you daily!

Norma said...

stop buying them so much stuff. maybe they will learn that it is not all about the things that make Christmas. you may be surprised that kids do understand. they live what they learn. my 2 did ask.