A few days into 2009...

I've been doing much better on eating and drinking water and behaving like a good RNY girl. It is paying off already. The scale isn't showing much, in terms of weight loss, but I do FEEL better and that is more important. I haven't had any hypoglycemic issues in the last few days of clean eating either. Imagine that?!

I will be uploading a video soon to YouTube since I haven't done a vlog in about a month!

Hope 2009 is treating everyone good so far!

We are potty training Gabey this week... Oy!


Through Thick and Thin said...

good luck with the potty - oy

Brunna said...

Hi, Amber! My name's Brunna, I'm 7 months post-op and I really enjoy reading your blog and watchin' your videos, because they help me a lot.
I am brazilian and I can say that I'm really glad to hear that you're fine.

Well, that's it!

Tracy said...

WAY TO GO!!!!!!!!!!!

Amber said...

Glad to read that you're eating better and getting your water in! Word of advice....Stickers & M & M's worked like a charm for my daughter! We put a 12 X 12 piece of paper on the fridg and everytime she went she got to put as sticker on it and she'd get 2 M & M candies! Good luck...we're finally sleeping through the night dry in panties thank goodness!! :)