Last Day of 2008...

Last week sometime I made a vlog stating that this year would be first year that "weight loss" wouldn't be a New Years Resolution for me. So after thinking about my current struggles and trying to stay with a "lifestyle" change, instead of "crash diets" I have spent the last 3 days coming to terms with what I've been doing to myself.
I am not making a New Years Resolution. Nope. Not doing it. I will not set a certain goal of weight loss and I won't say that I'll exercise 6 times a week, b/c long term, I won't. Instead, I'll tell you what I will do, for me, b/c I love me and I am keeping myself healthy.

I WILL make healthy choices. When protein sits before me, and a carb... I will try to, more often than not, eat the protein. :)

I WILL walk on my treadmill.

I WILL chose me.

I WILL love me.

I WILL be me.

:) And if I never see 132 lbs. again, it's ok, b/c I promise you, I will never be morbidly obese again. Ever. And wasn't that the plan in the first place?

Happy 2009!

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