I keep meaning to come here...

I keep meaning to come here and post but I never quite make it.

I log on to check emails and a couple message boards, a few blogs and then make a mental note to update mine...Before I know it, an hour as passed, and my mind is wondering what I need to get done around the house before kids start tearing it apart again, I have to go to work, or I need to make supper, help with homework or go to work.

Yeah, I've been working a lot. And paying off bills, and trying to figure out where we are headed. Not to mention, get myself back in school and keep my body whole and healthy, raise 3 kids, keep a husband, and get all this accomplished with in 24 hrs each and every day.

Work has been a roller coaster. Drama upon drama. And then the whole... "we have so many hours available"... then the next day... "we are laying off"... then the next day, "we're short, will you come in and work 16 hrs?" It's insane, but its a job and it pays well so I'm staying.

School... The student loan process is making me crazy. I keep waiting for the consolidation to go thru so I can get more money and go back! Classes start in 10 days and I still don't know if I can go or not. It is going to come down to the wire. Of course, I can go if I want to pay out of pocket...but can I afford that with DJ laid off? /Sigh. Hmm, maybe work will call me in for a double soon. If not, hopefully my loans work and work fast... or I may not be able to start til June.

Kids- The girls have been playing outside everyday after school. It's good for them and for me. They run off their endless energy, get fresh air, have made a new friend w/ the girl whose family moved in across the street and I don't have to hear, when's dinner, 50 times before 4 p.m. :) Gabey is potty training and doing really well at it!

DJ and I are doing great. We went and spent the night in Cleveland on Monday for my birthday. We had a blast. <3>


Sassafrass said...

Happy Birthday! I'm so glad to hear that you're busy but ok. It's amazing how you can start to worry about someone you've never met. Take care, Amber.

Janine said...

Hey there

Really nice to see a post from you. Hope things settle down and that you can get your study stuff sorted.
I know what you mean about thinking about posting but not quite getting around to it.