It's time for an update

Hello world!

After a tiny freak out from finding out that people in my real life knew about my blog, were reading and then gossiping about things I wrote, I went private. I'm back now. Screw them. I love my readers and I'm here to tell my story. They can stuff it. LOL

I am proud of my life, my struggles and my accomplishments and I know that what I share has helped other people too.

So here's where I am now!

Weight: up! 155.6 lbs as of this a.m. Eek. I know what to do, and I'm doing it.
Work: Crazy! Working full time on 3rd shift! Whew! I'm tired most of the time!
Kids: Doing awesome! <3
DJ: Still laid off from his awesome job, but working a mediocre job for the time being.
Me: I got my braces off! And am still plugging away at school. I'll be in clinicals this fall and am ready to get this done!


Susy said...

i'm glad your back. i noticed you gone and locked. missed ya. Amazing lady you are. Hold your head up high, cause your working your ass off and being a great mom and wife for your family and self. I'm proud of you way over hear in OR. LOL You go Amber, your making it happen. :) take care of you along the way and smile. You making god proud too.


MoLawEd said...

Hey Amber! So happy for your update. Congrats on getting the braces off.

tina said...

Yay! I'm so happy you're back! Sorry for the drama you mentioned, but that which does not kill ya...etc etc etc lol...Please don't be a stranger!