Not working out very well

So I came on here a few days ago frustrated with my weight gain and claiming I was going to make some changes. Instead, according to the scale, I gained 2 lbs. I know it is the endless snacking I'm doing. I think I have some issues going on though that are making eating less difficult for me. I am pretty sure I've got an ulcer brewing and when my stomach is empty, I get this gnawing pain that is alleviated when I put something in there. It has become a cycle... eat, feel good, get gnawing pain, eat, feel better, get gnawing pain, repeat...
Normally, I would've already been to the doctor and gotten some medication, but we are with out insurance right now b/c of the job situation we've been dealing with. I suppose I could try something over the counter, but I'm not sure of what would even work! Any suggestions?
Today I've made an effort. Which has been sort of blocked by the 175 boxes of girl scout cookies I have sitting in my kitchen. 16 of which belong to us. I think I've had about 5 cookies today. I also had:
coffee w/ protein
english muffin w/ pb and half a banana
chicken salad w/ spinach, ranch and cheese
a pickle
a string cheese
oh, and 5 girl scout cookies...
There is progress there, believe it or not. I've got a yummy crockpot full of chicken taco stew going for supper. It's low cal/low carb-ish and will get me through the evening.
I can't believe I'm one of those WLS people who let myself go and gain 27 lbs back from my lowest weight. I used to sit back and think it could never happen to me, but it did.
I didn't update this blog for many reasons. First of all, I knew people in my real life (family, co-workers, etc) had found it and I didn't want to fuel any gossip or drama. Secondly, I didn't think I needed support anymore. And finally, my life got really super busy there for a while and I didn't have time to write. I believe those 3 things have directly effected my failures. It made it easy for me to ignore what I was putting in my mouth.
So I've decided that those who want to talk about me can continue to talk. I do need support and no matter how busy I am, I can not let my health go. I can't tell you the last time I took a vitamin. :(
So again today I vow to do better. It may be baby steps... and it may take me awhile to get back to my sweet spot (140-145) but I will get there. I have to.


MoLawEd said...

Babe, start with some Tums or Pepcid chews. I take OTC Pepcid on a daily basis to avoid ulcers at my surgeon's recommendation. They should at least temporarily relieve the gnawing pain without having to snack.

Tennille said...

What kind of protein do you use that don't curdle in coffee? Every kind I've used curdles when I put it in something hot.


Teri said...

If Tums or Pepcid doesn't work try the generic for Prilosec, Omprazole. That's what I take and it works. I take it first thing in the morning or take it before bedtime. It's available over the counter.