1st 2 goals... 25 lbs gone and under 250! :)

Day 29!
I reached my first two goals this a.m.
I am down 25 lbs. AND under 250 lbs!!!!! :) :) :)

This is awesome and so worth it! Tomorrow will be 1 month post op and I really wanted to hit that 25 lbs gone mark and I did it!! ;)

Next goals:
40 lbs. gone at 2 months (June 16th)
50 lbs. gone by the 4th of July!!

I may be stretching it a little but I'd rather set a goal and see how close I can come than set it too low.

I will be taking a long walk today b/c it is nice and sunny and beautiful outside!!

Today I feel great. :D

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Danyele said...

Awesome news girlie! :-D