4 weeks-28 days post op

So.. life is actually getting mostly back to normal.

I did my Monday weigh in and was up a lb. from yesterday. That happened last week too... but anyway... so that put me at 251 and down 3 lbs. for the week. I can handle that.

week 1: 260
week 2: 256
week 3: 254
week 4: 251

Down Total: -23 lbs. I'll take it.

I feel pretty good though Friday and Saturday I spent most of my time sleeping due to this horrible cold. It is in my chest and in the right side of my face. UGH! In fact, last night when I went to bed my right eye was droopy and I couldn't hardly see b/c the pressure was so bad and my head! Omgosh, my head was hurting so bad on that side I couldn't even cough without agony. I took some Tylenol cold earlier in the day adn that helped, then right before bed I downed some Nyquil and was out like a light! This morning the cold is still here but the headache is gone. That alone makes me feel 100 times better.

I went for a walk Saturday, even with my thumping head, and was ticked off when I discovered my iPod was dead. Then I got chased by two large grey dogs. Ick. I need a new route! ha!

Everyday gets better though and I'm starting to feel normal agian. I can chew food again! ;) That is a big deal in my world right now.. lol

I cleaned the whole downstairs this a.m. and am working on laundry now. I keep saying it's nice to feel normal again and I hate to be so redundant, but I have missed being able to just get up and go!

Speaking of, I need to straighten up the bedrooms upstairs, do more laundry and get Abby to school!

I'm out.

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