I have a lot swirling around in my head today. The scale has been going back and forth between 248 and 249 for the last day. It's fine. I'm under 250. No complaints.

Yesterday was a full day. I got up early and got showered b/c Gabe and I both had doc. appts. My mom rode with me b/c I'm still on lifting restrictions. We ended up being out during lunch. They decided on McDonalds (I hate McD. before surgery). I ended up eating 1.5 chicken select strips. I wanted soup but it's gone for the season, couldn't do a burger b/c I'm not cleared for ground beef yet, and the grilled chicken has always been dry there IMO... so I went with that. It went down fine and I was full.

I ran to my doc appt. This was to talk to the GYN about birth control options. We discussed the Nuvaring and an IUD. She pointed out that insurance may actually pay for my birth control since it was a "medical necessity" after WLS. I called them and they will cover the IUD at 100% but the Nuvaring would be $30 per mo. Guess which one I'm going with. I'll have the Mirena IUD put in during my next period. I feel pretty good with this choice and have heard a lot of post ops say it is working well for them. It will be nice to have a bc in place that requires no thinking or action from me. LOL So that's settled.

I also had to run to the grocery store and so once DJ woke up and Hannah came home from school we headed out. For dinner we ended up at Ruby Tuesdays. I opted for the Tilapia. It was very good. I ate about 1/3 and was done.

I was worried about eating out so much yesterday but the scale said 248 this a.m. so I guess I'm ok. I have been struggling with getting fluids in though and so that is my goal today!! Get in 64 oz. Right now I'm at about 12. Ha! I WILL get it done though. I'm thinking about having tuna patties for lunch. It sounds good to me.

I feel smaller. I woke up this a.m. feeling smaller. I love that. When I was picking up the house this a.m. I realized that my arms were actually swinging at my side and not brushing up against my body constantly. They still are close but there is some space in there now. lol I also noticed that my neck looks smaller. I guess we'll see when I do my next measurements. I didn't start measuring til 3 weeks out... so maybe I'll do them again at 6 weeks?

I do need to start exercising. At this point, it's been very sporatic. I've gone on a few walks but mostly I just am up around and while that is ok for the first few weeks, I need to get my butt moving. I want a treadmill so badly I just want to scream. I can't really afford to just go out and buy one and so I've been keeping my eye open for any garage sales that might have some. So far I found a gazelle, but decided not to get it. I really really just want a treadmill.

I have a lot internal stuff going on right now but I'm not ready to write about it until I get it sorted out a little more. This definately qualifies as an extreme makeover!!! :)

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