12 Weeks

I am happy to report I have been much calmer this week. LOL
Unfortunately my period has shown up again. That means in the last say 40 days, I've bleed for about 37 of them. Ugh. Please, someone make it stop! I do think this is adding to my unhappiness. LOL

Anyway... nothing new to report really. I am shrinking. Clothes are getting bigger and bigger every time I wear them. I'm getting a lot of compliments and starting to feel pretty good about it.

I have so much more energy. It's great. :)


Through Thick and Thin said...

the energy is awesome. I find that it still wears off by mid afternoon but its more that I've felt in my body in YEARS.
super ont he clothes getting bigger. Its a great feeling!

Danyele said...

Yea! It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? Sometimes I'm just amazed at how much energy I have. I will say though.. by the end of the day, I'm wiped.. even now. I'm usually always in bed by 10pm. My partying days are definitely over! Not that I'm sad about that.. I like taking good care of my body!