His job

is safe but suffice it to say that DJ will be on the look out from now on. They really wanted to fire him, but the union saved his butt this time. Jerks. He really did nothing wrong. :(
So new plan.... I am taking the entrance exam for nursing school next Monday. I had thinking about it for months, (and procrastinating...afterall, what am I better at than that??) but after all this hoopla figured I need to just get a career and be done with it.
DJ doesn't want to be a steel worker for the rest of his life, and I do not want to be a waitress for the rest of mine. So... we are going to make some changes.
I will get through LPN school in 10 months. It starts July 2008, so I'll be done by May 2009. Then after that DJ will decide what he wants to do and will go to school.
I have been in college two times before. The first time, was right out of high school and I took nothing seriously, spent most of my time partying and flunked out. Later, in 2002, after having Abby I went back to Ohio State and got about two quarters done before I let my mom talk me into quitting. Yes, you read that right... My MOTHER talked me into quitting college. Well, her and the people we were going to church with at the time. Looking back, that was the DUMBEST thing ever.
Long story short, my mom is one who believes a mother should home with her children 24/7 and is constantly fighting me on wanting to do more. I realize I need to take care of my kids, and I DO. And I resent the fact that she tries to make me feel like a bad mother when I work or want to finish school. It's rediculous.
At any rate, this afternoon, as DJ and I had lunch, following his hearing at work, and he said to me... Here we are, no further along than before, b/c we have listened to everyone elses opinions far too long. No more. You ARE going to nursing school and when you are done, I'm going to school and we are going to do what we want with our lives. I wanted to kiss him right there. He is such a great man and we are in this thing together, for the long haul, and we will work hard and we will become what we want to be. On our own. No more listening to the naysayers.
The last month has been one attack after another. People trying to destroy our lives, our name, our integrity. Often, I have said, "I can't take anymore", but honestly, I have realized I can take a whole lot more than I ever imagined. And honestly, I'm only stronger and more determined to prove people wrong and make myself and my family happy.
I know who I am. I know who DJ is. I know we are good people and we will reach our goals.
Seven months ago, I rolled into an operating room, scared, fat, depressed, angry and staring death in the face, I took my life back and now I'm going to live it.

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Mary from LowCarbFriends said...

After reading your post I wanted to shout "AMEN!" I always wanted to go to nursing school, but here I am 40 years old, and still not college yet. Go for it girl!