I want a tat...

I have NEVER wanted a tattoo before... Honestly intentional pain just sounds stupid to me, but now I want a tattoo. A small one, on my lower back, a tramp stamp if you will.
I also want a belly button ring (once I lose another 30 lbs.).
I'm 28... Am I too old?


Amber said...

I laughed when I read what you wrote! I totally want the same tat. I have two, although one is stretched beyond belief from weight gain/loss. I thought about the belly button ring, but I'm 31, figure I'm too old for that, but I'm so doing the tat once I've done my PS!

Through Thick and Thin said...

OMG girl you are NOT too old! I got my first tat in Dec of 2005 (i was 34. I now have 5 and am consiering my next one.
Belly button ring. Go for it. I want one too but Not so sure my pannus would look so nice with it. Might have to wait until after I have PS to get one. I did, however get my nose pierced to celebrate reaching Onederland.

Sharon said...

Too old? Are you KIDDING me? The only reason I haven't done it yet (and I'm going on 39) is I'm afraid of plastics stretching it out LOL.

Go for it.

Michelle said...

I got my last one in March, about 4 months out, thank god I don't have to have a LBL in PS because it would totally ruin it. It was my reward to me and I love, love, love it...oh and I'm 43 but it's not my first :)~

Dagny said...

Honey child I'm gonna be 48 in two months and after making fun of tattoos my whole adult life I've decided as soon as I get my arms done I'M GETTING ONE!!!!

I met a woman who had "change" and "strength" tattooed on her back in Asian characters and I knew I had to do that. Only in English. And on my arm.

Go girl. You're lookin' super hot BTW.