Life seems a lot better today. Last night was rough. I had missed my Effexor pill the night before and could tell it. Blah. I want off the stuff, but the withdraw is horrible. NOt sure what to do but I'm making an appt. to see the doctor tomorrow and see what his advice is. The med makes me HUNGRY and all I find myself doing is mindless eating. It is annoying b/c I shouldn't be struggling w/ wanting to eat all the time, being only 10 months post op. Hopefully he has some advice for me. Since being on it, I haven't lost one single pound. Once I had taken my pill last night I felt a million times better right away. It is scary that my body is so addicted to that already. I don't like that. I feel like I am one big ball of addictions. I don't like being a slave to anything.

I broke down and bought a pack of cigs yesterday too. I do feel like a failure. I can't stop smoking, eating or taking those pills. I don't like feeling like other things are controlling me and they totally are.

If any of you have any advice or experience w/ Effexor I'd love to hear it. I totally wish I'd never started taking it in the first place. The sad thing is, it really helps improve my moods, but I can't deal with the side effects.

Oh if anything could ever be easy...

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