I need to stop

posting when I'm exhausted and in a bad mental place. Ha!

I was so tired last night and my SIL wanted me to watch her two kids (19 months and 3months) and my own 19 month old... I had my hands full. It went fine though. The boys played together and I rocked the baby and a few hours later mommy and daddy were back.

Hannah and Abby were off spending the night w/ Grammy and cousins so it was pretty quiet. Gabe fell asleep around 11 and I wasn't too far behind. I think I fell asleep sitting straight up in the rocking chair.

I got up around 7 and got things around for the kids. They had an easter egg hunt at 10 and Awards for their basketball/cheering program at 1. We had lunch at a really great mexican place here in town. I got a fajita supreme and ate about 1/3 of the insides and then ate another 1/3 a few hours later. Now I'm still full and drinking plenty of water.

I'm having a pain in my chest today... I dont' think it's my pouch... I think it's my right lung. It hurts when I breathe, swallow, talk, move...ugh. I woke up really congested this a.m. but most of it has drained. Now my chest hurts.. it's a stabbing pain. No idea what it is. I don't have time to be sick! Tomorrow is my birthday and then I'm working 4 days next week in training, then we are heading to an indoor water park over Easter weekend. No time for sickys!!

It's a weird pain though b/c when I swallow something, I can feel it go down that part of my chest and it makes that stabbing pain go. But also when I cough or breathe it does that...

Pouch or lung.. I dunno, but I just wish it would stop! Ick.

Gabe is napping now and the girls are cleaning... let's pray they actually clean. They are known for getting side tracked! ;)

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Mary said...

When you have the time, go to this board:

THe people there have helped me get myself back on track. I am even exercising, something I have never done, and I am almost three years out. They have motivated me to make better food choices, I've learned alot. Hope it helps you.