the menu. So... I was trying to keep my carbs super low today, but I am finding that I can't. Today is day 3 of doing Atkins induction, and honestly the high fat is too much for my system. So... I am going to up my carbs a bit, and lower my fat and hopefully this will still keep the scale moving, but also allow me to stay off the toilet. (TMI) My pouchy poo doesn't like too much fat!

I'll give an updated version of my menu from today later. I'm perfectly on plan though and besides the tummy issues from too much fat, I'm doing fabulously. 130 here I come!

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Amber said...

I've discovered that when I really bump up my protein I drop about 5lbs in a week. I keep saying I'm going to do that but I just am not a protein person. I don't get how you guys get so much protein. I maybe get 15-20 a day. Just be happy where you are. I'm sitting at 143 and want that 135, but I've decided that if I don't get there it's OK, it's only a number. You look fab and have done a totally awesome job! Way to go!