13 lbs.

13 lbs. That's all that is left.

When I was pre-op 13 lbs seemed like nothing, when I had 147 lbs to go. Now, these last 13 lbs. might as well be 50 lbs. I am just so blah.

I'm day 3 on really trying hard to not eat junk, count my carbs and log everything I put in my mouth. It's going ok. The scale was at 143 lbs. this morning. I think I'll stay off til Monday's weigh in. Maybe if I stick to it, I'll get a nice surprise.

I'm off work again today thank goodness. I have laundry, cleaning, etc. to do. I'm glad to finally have a chance to have a rest day. I've been running nonstop all week, and I work tomorrow morning.

So, here's the plan today:

b: 1/3 EAS protein bar, 5 little cheese cubes, coffee w/ splenda and carb countdown milk
l: crackslaw
snk: EAS shake
d: chicken breast, green beans
snk: sf jello if needed
calories: 733
fat: 29g
carbs: 30g
fiber: 9g
protein: 82g


Anonymous said...

Wow only 13 more lbs. You look wonderful now but I understand your frustration. Just remember how far youve come. I hope my progress is like yours!

Through Thick and Thin said...

first off, what is crackslaw? ummm...
second - holy cow, i couldn't imagine living on 700 something calories in a day - right now. I struggle to keep around 1500-1700. Good for you - 13 pounds to go and keep up the good work!!

Amber said...

Believe me... I'm sure I'll be over 700 calories, by the end of the day... That is just the "plan" lol.. Gives me wiggle room. :)
In fact, I'm adding an Americano right now....


Through Thick and Thin said...

ok so you still have to tell me - what the heack is crackslaw?

Amber said...

Oh yeah!
1 lbs. lean ground beef
2 tbsp. sesame oil
1 bag of coleslaw mix
soy sauce to taste
1/2 med. onion
brown rice (optional)

Heat 2 tbsp. sesame oil and then fry the meat. Drain. In a sep. pan I cook the onion and slaw mix. And of course prepare the rice if your using it. I don't.
Then mix it all up and add soy sauce to taste.
It's pretty darn good and super low on sugar. The only added fat is from the sesame oil, but I'm planning on rinsing my meat so that should help. :)

Through Thick and Thin said...

interesting. ever tried it with ground turkey? its all i use in recipes that call for ground beef. but hmmmm i'm printing it out to try sometime. thanks for sharing

Amber said...

I'm sure it would be just as good w/ ground turkey. In fact, now that you mention it, I think I have used the turkey before... so yes... it would be great. :D hehe! Let me know how you like it!